Unfolding 1 EP

EP contains my remix "Nylon" featuring the voice of ⊶⋞Littlewing⋟⊷

For purchase on bandcamp.


Please send music production and software development inquiries to:

Voronoi Spaces

Exploring variations on Voronoi diagrams, by projecting points in 4D space onto the surface of a Clifford Torus to give a 2D square pattern that can seamlessly tiled. Along the way, messing with bizzare distance functions on traditional Voronoi diagrams.

This project is classic bike shedding exercise -- a sub-task in making a webpage that takes photographs and reduces them into a few color blobs, to help me with planning how to do paintings -- which is to say another sub-task of completing some paintings.


Low Integer Ratio Finder

Song: Nothing Keeps on Happening

FSounds Songs

Music composed with f# functional programming language, using the FSounds project by Albert Pang.

Recursive PNG Generator

Minimal black & transparent png generator to explore recursive defintions. open

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Inject random error into user-supplied images. Users may 'evolve' images by iteratively selecting the changes they prefer. Above is an example of error introduced into a pdf generated by the Recursive PNG Generator.

Paper Egg

A very simple tool for creating pixel art

Dark Egg

A web-based pixel art editor. As the user types code, to the left of the code, a preview of the artwork appears. Defintions are parsed backwarks - from the bottom of the page to the top.

This was used in the creation of graphics for InfiniBurger by SuperMighty.

Nooreen's Fantastic Website



How many digits of pi can you memorize? Play this game to improve your skills. I recommend using a keyboard with a number pad. Musical notes are mapped to each digit, perhaps the 'song' will aid in memorization.

TempleOS Color Shift Preview Tool

Random SVG Graphic Generator

Music Keyboard Font

An experimental font utilizing additive mechanics

Instead of each glyph advancing the head of caret to the right, the position stays constant until a space is pressed. This allows graphics which represent a musical keyboard to be added together. The technique is additive and order does not matter within a word-group. Music Keyboard Font was created for those who want a quick way to notate chords. It works with most text editors that support True Type Fonts.

Wedding Photos

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Matula Numbers

History: David W. Matula found a correspondence between trees and integers using prime factorization, and reported it in 1968 in SIAM:
"A Natural Rooted Tree Enumeration by Prime Factorization", SIAM Rev. 10, 1968, p.273

For more, search the web for Matula Numbers

I independently found this relation when working on a bar code system. I wrote a document that explained this relation here.

Eventually, I realized that Matula had already found this relation, by entering the node counts for the first few integers into the online encyclopedia of integer sequences.

Matula Explorer


A nice system for drawable barcodes which only rely upon the topology of the code. Matula's rooted tree - natural number correspondence is used to map codes to unique integers.